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RADS is the Acronym for my Approach to Digital Advertising Campaigns


Thorough keyword, audience, competitor and digital trends research to guide a strategy that will reach your ideal customers online.


Hyper-targeting your audiences online across all relevant touch points, in the right locations, at the right times and on the right devices.


All advertising and website behaviour is tracked, measured and analysed to understand how your customers are engaging online.


The data-driven testing ground that guides optimisation and user experience improvement to increase media performance.

I’m Adam Mitchell (Ads), Digital Media Specialist

I’ve been working as a digital advertising specialist for over 13 years in both global network and independent ad agencies. My job is to help businesses of all sizes, run successful online advertising campaigns. I’m passionate about making paid media investments work as hard as possible to drive business growth. I’m employed full-time and love what I do at a large agency in Cape Town. Some business owners don’t have the budget to hire an agency and that’s where I can offer my services, along with a network of digital marketing, advertising and creative professionals, more affordably – after hours of course. I will only take on work that doesn’t conflict with my employer and where I know a digital performance solution will help you.

RADS is the process. My nickname is Ads. We do online ads. Conversions are rad. We create rad ads. RADS

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I’ll Help You Kick@$$ Online With These Digital Media Services:


Get an audit, have us set up your advertising accounts or outsource your Google Ads, PPC and social media advertising management.


Implement a Google tracking solution with real-time reporting dashboards. Set up conversions and build custom audiences for advanced targeting.


Let myself or my trusted network of freelancers help unlock digital opportunities for your business. I’ll connect you with the right people.


Be shown how to build, manage and optimise your own Google Ads campaigns with my step-by-step online course and practical toolkit.

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